Below is a sampling of our pots. They reflect the diverse and experimental nature of our work. Each pot has a brief description, the name of the potter, then a sentence or two about why or how the pot was made (why it was fun to do). Oh, and we do the requisite, traditional coffee mugs, bowls, plates, etc. too.

Small Square Plate
Small Square(ish) Plate (Jennifer)
Required a couple of different techniques: created with a form instead of thrown, played around with slip and brushed glazing.
Casserole (Jane)
Lidded form and a favorite glaze combination. Getting lids to fit well is always a challenge.
Square Mugs
Square(ish) Mug (Jennifer)
Thrown then altered. At home, these mugs are used frequently for adult beverages. They feel good in the hand, and is just a bit different and fun.
Turtle Bowl
Turtle Bowl(Jane)
Because, after all, who doesn't like a reptile in their bowl.
Dove Tail Mug
Dove-tailed Mug (Jennifer)
Typical thrown mug, but altered the form in an unusual way.
Spirit Pot
Spirit Pot (Jane)
An interesting technique, first using terra sigillata surface treatment, followed by a raku style firing with horse hair (mane or tail) and feathers applied to the pot while hot (1800 F). What fun!
Herb Markers
Herb Markers (Jennifer)
Slab built, no glaze but stained so that the lettering is easy to read. These are markers BIG so you can actually SEE them in your garden. Despite the shape, they are not effective in killing vampires.
Cats (Jane)
Hand-built cat statues. No litter box required.
Toad Hut
Toad Hut (Jennifer)
Thrown bowl, textured, and (hey look) there's a toad. Stained, not glazed. Supposedly, these little huts will provide a nice home for toads in your garden. Cute, but sadly, no toads have moved into mine.
Sushi Plates
Sushi Plates (Jane)
Slab built sushi plates, with textured surface treatment.
Bear In Progress
Bear In Progress (Jane)
An architectural piece in progress. Wishing to do more!
Cat Food Bowl
Cat Food Bowl (Jennifer)
Created for the Amazing Reggie, it used stamping and wax resist to make the name and nautilus stand out. Now in daily use by sister's cat.
Poetry Tree
Poetry Tree (Jane)
A sign pointing to a tree on which poems are hung for the enjoyment of all who may come across it. What else could it possibly be?
Ice Cream Bowl
Ice Cream Bowl (Jennifer)
Created using layers of slip and colored stains, underglaze, and carving. These bowls have become popular gifts for friends.