Welcome to JJ Clay

JJ Clay is a small, non-commercial two-person pottery studio located in Fairview, NC.

Our philosophy toward our pots is somewhat akin to the slow food movement: environmentally sound, small batch and artisanal rather than mass produced. Each pot is created slowly, each pot is unique and each shows the artist's hand in the making.

Our goal in making pots is simple - to enjoy what we do. In other words, we are in it for the fun.

You won't find an "Add to Shopping Cart" button or a link to Paypal anywhere on this website. While we do sell some of our pots, most are made for reasons other than to be sold. We make them: 1) for the simple joy of making them, 2) to experiment with a new technique, 3) to give away to friends and family, 4) to use ourselves.

Certainly, we have made things by request, so by all means, if you see something you like or have a special request, please contact us. We'll talk.

Now go to the Gallery page and take a look at our pots because this page is undoubtedly one of the most boring on the whole Internet!